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The specialized consultant of production management goes directly to the factory, investigation and analysis, and puts forward reasonable suggestions for improving the production efficiency. According to the needs of customers, there are corresponding long-term training courses, short-term training classes.
Work research
How much is the actual working time in the working hours? Also need to investigate the ratio.
Process analysis
Process analysis is to analyze the material, business process analysis method according to the processing sequence, and to understand the whole work process as the purpose.
Action analysis
The movements of the hands, feet, eyes and other parts of the body during the sewing process are analyzed in detail, and the unnecessary movements are removed so as to better assemble and arrange the necessary actions. The results of the analysis can also serve as a basis for research and consideration of the use of equipment and time schedules.
Time study
According to the result of the action analysis, the order of the elements operation, the determination of the elements operation, and the time needed for the element operation are calculated. It is very important to decide the time value of product processing, which is the basis of various materials in plant management.
The average processing time is the average amount of work taken by each individual in the division of labor, and is represented by time.
Equipment layout
From the beginning of the raw materials, to the product factory, on the whole process of the factory, draw up the use of materials, semi-finished products. With the fastest speed flow, so that the minimum amount of handling processes, so that the construction machinery and equipment to the most reasonable effect configuration.