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FB series drum , dual-speed vertical movement looper girth multi-needle sewing machine; The products can be widely used in general of haute couture sewing underwear, pants, shirts, jeans, etc; the main features are a wide range of adjustable pitch, pin number (4-23 pin), cylindrical body (circumference 420mm), elastic fixture and after tugboat system; automatic thread trimmer unique development (UT), make sure the line tangent and residual head very short, greatly improve production efficiency and product consistency.


DM: Direct Servo Motor ET:Elastic Thread

UT:Automatic Thread Trimmer H:Feed Dog with Hole

PL:Presser Foot Lifter

TKA:Automatic Tape Cutter TKB:Semi-auto Tape Cutter

ATH:Automatic Thread-broken Detecting Device

ATHF:Automatic Detecting Device of Thread-bronken and Non-fabric

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